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Project Data Archiving.pdf
An integral part of many research projects is the collection of survey or experimental data at considerable expense, time and effort. Great care may be taken to produce good quality data at both the data collection and computerisation stages, but…

Modern Methods of Analysis.pdf
This is the third guide concerned with the analysis of research data. The ideas apply whatever the method of data collection. They extend the methods described in the basic guides titled Approaches to the Analysis of Survey Data and Modern…

Excel for Stats tips and warnings.pdf
The availability of spreadsheets that include facilities for data management and statistical analysis has changed the way people manage their information. Their power and ease of use have given new opportunities for data analysis, but they have also…

Discipline in Spreadsheet Data Entry.pdf
In our guide called “Data Management Guidelines for Experimental Projects”, we noted that spreadsheets are commonly used for data entry because they are familiar, in widespread use and very flexible. However, we also stated, as a warning: Their…
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